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: faculté des sciences semlalia de Marrakech, Moroccan
: MSc student
: astronomy
: research in the field of astronomical
: University Caddi Ayyad , Moroccan
: MSc student
: As a second-year Master's student in high energy physics, astrophysics, and computational physics at Caddi Ayyad University, Faculty of Science Semlalia, I am a specialist in astrophysics
: Currently, I am working on a research project that involves studying the orbitography of artificial satellites through image processing. and training program on the detection of exoplanets in Oukaimeden observatory.
: Helwan University , Egypt
: MSc student
: Star evolution , planetary physics, solar physics, space weather, cosmic rays, general astronomy and atmosphere
: Teaching assistant at faculty of science Helwan University , ionospheric gravity waves
: Cadi Ayyad university, Moroccan
: PhD student
: Astrophysique I &II , Astronomie de position , Physique de l'atmosphère , GIS
: Radiative Transfer Modelling, LEDLighting, Remote Sensing, Light Pollution , Aerosol Physics, Atmospheric Radiation
: Facultés des sciences Semlalia, Moroccan
: Bachelor student
: physique moderne
: ....
: Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, Romania
: Post-PhD Early Career Researcher
: Asteroid Spectroscopy, Orbital Mechanics, Meteor Physics
: I am sure that this will sound as a cliche, however my research interest intersect all the subjects discussed in the conference. My main focus is meteor science, as I am in charge with the national network of tracking meteoroids in Romania (MOROI) which is part of FRIPON. However, I am involved in asteroid monitoring efforts, and recently we have begun to track satellites at the Astronomical Institute both through astrometry and photometry. I am involved with satellite detection in telescope images using Deep Learning techniques.
: Université ibn Tofail , Maroc
: MSc student
: Amateur Astronomy, Astrophotography,Sky Observation and Mapping
: I'm the founder of the "ASTRONUTS" University Astronomy Club, where I'm interested in a wide range of subjects, including the existence of water in space.
: University Cadi Ayyad, Moroccan
: PhD student
: Astrophysics
: Instrumental optics - Direct imaging of exoplanets - Coronagraph & apodization - High resolution
: University Caddy Ayaad, Moroccan
: MSc student
: training in Oukaimeden observatory for subject : Small bodies detection techniques in the solar system and exoplanets
: Small bodies detection techniques and analysis
: Faculty of Sciences Semlalia marrakech Cadi Ayyad University, Moroccan
: PhD student
: study of astroclimatic parameters using several instruments: SCIDAR, DIMM, GSM...
: Single Star SCIDAR: Real-time CN2 profiling.
: semlalia sciences faculty , Moroccan
: Bachelor student
: an internship about exoplanets at the oukaymden observatory
: exoplanets detecting methods
: United Arab Emirates University,UAE, United Arab Emirates
: PhD student
: Radio astronomy; quantum mechanics
: Observational studies and analysis of Radio transients such as Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and their possible association with various progenitor models. Data Analysis and imaging of data from various observatories( ATCA,VLA) Modeling and interpretation of afterglow parameters Collaboration with team to identify relevant questions. Part of newly commissioning radio array facility at UAE university in collaboration with Curtin University and ICRAR Planned, modified and executed research techniques, procedures and tests. Gathered, arranged and corrected research data to create representative graphs and charts highlighting results for presentations. Performed statistical, qualitative and quantitative analysis.
: FSSM Cadi Ayyad University, Moroccan
: Bachelor student
: le 1ér: Le côté sombre de la lumiere: une nouvelle problematique environnementale par Martin Aubé Mars 2022 et le 2 éme: Les réserves de ciel étoilé enjeux et perspectives par Sébastien Vauclair Novembre 2022
: Creation of an astronomical magazine - Winning the Astronomy Prize in Africa - Spreading astronomy in the rural areas of Morocco
: National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics , Egypt
: PhD student
: Astrodynamics, Ionosphere Space Weather, Magnetohydrodynamic, Sun-Planet Interaction, Space Debris Removal
: Space weather (Ionosphere-Magnetosphere coupling, Gravity Waves, Magnetic Field Fluctuations) and Space Debris Removal System (Tether system)
: Cadi Ayyad University, Moroccan
: PhD student
: astronomy and astrophysics/ general relativity/ planetology/ the discovery and characterization of exoplanets.
: University Cadi Ayaad, Moroccan
: PhD student
: Astrophysics 1,2, Planétologie, Spectroscopie
: Space debris
: Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics , Morocco
: Engineer
: None, just some concepts from videos and internet
: Currently, as a GIS engineer, my scientific work revolves around the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its applications. GIS is a powerful tool that allows for the collection, analysis, and visualization of spatial data, enabling us to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions
: CADI AYYAD, Morocco
: engineering curriculum
: briefly list recent courses taken in physics
: briefly list recent courses taken in physics
: Jesagroup, ENSEM Casablanca , Moroccan
: Engineer
: solid mechanics point mechanics laws of dynamics
: Electrical Engineer
: Semlalia Science Univercity, Moroccan
: PHM Student
: Member in club LPHEA in Semlalia Science Univercity
: The black hole and its relationship to a galaxy
: Faculty of Science Semlalia Marrakech, Moroccan
: Bachelor student
: None
: None
: National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG), Egypt
: PhD student
: "Astrophysics - Solar System and Exoplanets- Optical Observational Techniques- Radio Astronomy- Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy - Interstellar medium - Solar and Stellar Physics - Space dynamics - Photometry - Astronomical Applications -Stellar Structure and Evolution- Galaxy Evolution"
: "I am very interesting in studying (astrophysics and celestial mechanics) Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology, Optical Observational Techniques, stars the solar system especially observing and studying asteroids and NEOs. I have a good skills used to operate and obtain observations using 2-meter optical telescope at Kottamia Observatory as well as data reduction and analysis. my participating with the team of the Kottamia Observatory have discovering number of variable stars which registered at AAVSO."
: University of Malaya, Malaysia
: MSc Graduate, currently applying for Phd
: Planetary Systems, Binary Stars, Stellar Atmospheres and Stellar Winds, Stellar Structure and Evolution, Star Formation ,Galaxies and Cosmology
: Research Interests: Radio astronomy, Observational Astronomy. Previous scientific works: Silicon Monoxide study around oxygen-rich AGB stars
: University of Johannesburg, South Africa
: MSc student
: Astrophysics 1(PHY8X09), Astrophysics 2(PHY8X10), Advanced Statistical Physics A (PHY8X12)
: In 2022 I did a research project with the university of Johannesburg in South Africa focusing on the Quasinormal modes of black holes. I am currently doing my master's degree in solar physics focusing on ultraviolet solar irradiance variation during flares also at the university of Johannesburg, working with a mentor from the South African National Space Agency. I will be focusing on analysing the EUVS flare data to determine its properties and look for patterns in the data that could be used by space weather forecasters to predict the properties of the flare in real time. For my PhD, I want to do a similar project to the one I am current doing, study the sun more and its connection to the solar system and its impact on our day to day lives.
: Carnot Prépas (CPGE), Moroccan
: cpge student
: I am currently a student in the first year of CPGE where i study diverse topics including optics and physics studies related to astronomy and astrophysics+ i have attended some conferences and read many astrophysics-related books and articles since i am looking forward to specializing in astrophysics and aerospace studies.
: I have always been connected to the news in this field; moreover I have been initiated to research since it is also included in our last year TIPE: I had chosen the NIR technology used in JWST as a subject of my research. I am also interested in how the race to space is part of the post-modernism studies, cosmology, astrophysics, standard model, and quantum physics especially on how understanding the nature of quantum particles is related to the betterment of our understanding of the universe.
: Ets Laplace, Morocco, Berkane
: Highschool
: No courses taken
: No experience in research
: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
: MSc student
: As a researcher, my main interest lies in the development of more accurate models for solar spectral irradiance (SSI) and their impact on the Earth's climate system. In particular i'm interested in refining the
: As a researcher, my main interest lies in the development of more accurate models for solar spectral irradiance (SSI) and their impact on the earth’s climate system. In particular, I’m interested in refining the MgII index to create a purely facular MgII index that can better distinguish the facular brightening from the sunspot darkening contributions.
: Université cadi ayyad, Morocco
: Post-PhD Early Career Researcher
: Chemistry of Materials
: Chemistry of Materials, Astronomy outreach
: Université Cadi Ayyad ,Faculté des Sciences Semlalia FSSM ,en filière science physique semestre S6 option physique Moderne PHM, Moroccan
: PHM student
: Stage master LPHEA OF (Exoplanet detection with TRAPPIST-North telescope )
: james webb telescope detect artificial lights
: Cadi Ayyad University, Moroccan
: MSc student
: Mechanic Celeste/atmosphere optics/astrophysics/images traitement...
: Exoplanets/optics/images traitement
: The association of youth and science of Kairouan, Tunisia
: Engineering Teacher
: amateur astronomy
: Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Science, Astronomy and Meteorology Department., Egypt
: PhD student
: I have studied the basic concepts related to NEOs, exoplanets, formation and evolution of stars, planets, astronomical observations, variables and binary stars, Galaxies and cosmology.
: I am currently working on PhD thesis in photometric and spectroscopic studies of newly discovered supernovae. I am interested in learning new techniques in observations and data analysis. Further, I’d like to broaden my knowledge in astrophysics to include the studies of exoplanets, NEOs and spectroscopy instrumentation. I possess strong observational astronomy skills and I am one of the observers at the Kottamia Astronomical Observatory, involved in all major observational plans. Additionally, I have participated in the site selection project for Egypt's proposed new telescope and have extensive knowledge in various software packages and operating systems. I have several international publications and have contributed to the discovery of some stars' variability. In Egypt, I play an important role in astronomy outreach and edCadi Ayyad Universitytion, and have attended various training courses and workshops.
: Cadi Ayyad University, Moroccan
: PhD student
: Nan
: Exoplanets, space weather
: Lycée, Moroccan
: Professor
: Spectroscopie astrophysique astronomie radioastronomie
: Radioastronomie
: SpaceAble, France
: Engineer
: Astrophysics, Quantum field theory, Astroparticles, Nuclear astrophysics, Cosmology.
: Space Trafic Management, Satellites
: Université Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso
: PhD student
: Stellar Astronomy, Galactic Astronomy, Interstellar matter, Cosmology, Advanced Electromagnetism, Optical components and optoelectronics, Advanced Optics, Advanced Methods of Optical Instrumentation, Astronomical Imaging, Programming for Astronomy, Image Analysis, Astronomical Instrumentation.
: As a first year PhD student in Astrophysics, I am working on the topic "Morphological and spectroscopic study of small Solar System bodies, simulation of trajectories and impact risks in Burkina Faso". I am therefore interested in everything that concerns the study of the solar system and its constituents, in particular asteroids, as well as computer simulation.